Vintage Barber Shop

Go on a little journey back in time for a moment.  It's the late 60's, the music on radio is The Beatles and Johnny Cash, kids are riding banana seat bicycles and buying Ale8 from vending machines, couches are plaid and the summers are sweet.  In the late 60's, "Smitty" was Allen's celebrity barber.  Just ask any baby boomers and they'll tell you stories about Smitty.  When we purchased the building last year, a handwritten sign covered in dust was still taped to the door that read, 'be back after a while'.  Smitty's barber shop was operational for years in Allen.  The colorful details and heartwarming stories of yesterday and "Smitty's" inspired us to honor the history with a vintage style barber shop. The barbershop is hands down the most unique suite rental that we offer, with separate private outside entry and vintage decor. While our spa and salon are unisex and accommodating to both men and women, the barbershop is designed with a more masculine and vintage theme. We are looking for the perfect barber to provide services to our large clientele. Interested candidates should embody professionalism, creativity, and have a desire to carry on the the legacy of Smitty - talent, quality, and goodness. Who knows, 50 years from now maybe somewhere in some way you will have touched the lives of people the way Smitty touched so many with his gifts. We look forward to hearing from you! Interested candidates are encouraged to get in touch as soon as possible - this suite won't last long.