Now hiring for Spa Coordinator and Spa Attendant positions

Spa Coordinator

As the spa coordinator, you are the heartbeat of the spa.  Your number one responsibility is to be the liaison between our guests and staff, and to oversee daily operations to ensure that each and every guest has an exceptional experience each and every time.  Every guest experience starts and ends with you.  Your job is the most important job in the spa, and we are counting on you to be amazing, to be on top of things at all times, to be the best.  This position requires a strong leader who excels in a fast paced environment who can multitask, provide direction and oversight to others, and is the gold star of customer service and organization at all times.  The ideal candidate is a self motivated extrovert who is responsible and demonstrates the qualities of an effective leader by staying on task at all times and leading by example, has excellent memorization skills and the ability to explain to guests the benefits of our many services, products, and amenities. This is not a job where you will be micromanaged with someone looking over you shoulder all day telling you what needs to be done.  LEADERSHIP IS ESSENTIAL.

The job duties range from complex scheduling abilities, leading the spa attendant and other staff members throughout the day,  interacting with guests before and after appointments, making sure their perfect day flows seamlessly when they arrive, and following-up with them after their appointment is finished, retail and point of sale, and ensuring the spa opens and closes efficiently. Here at PürLux, we genuinely care about our clients, and we are looking for someone who can mirror that affection and thoughtfulness to every client that walks through our doors.  This job requires interpersonal communication with clients, coworkers, vendors, and media outlets via physical communication, telephone, email, social media, etc.


  • High School Diploma
  • Resume
  • Experience (Preferably in Customer Service/Management/Public Relations/Retail/Sales)
  • Outstanding Hygiene/Personal Appearance
  • Distinguished Grammar/Spelling Ability
  • STRONG LEADERSHIP SKILLS and positive attitude

Spa Attendant

Our Spa Attendant position is a position of diligent customer service.  You are the social butterfly of the spa, the smiling face that goes above and beyond to anticipate guest needs during their visit.  You have a glass of infused water ready before a guest realizes they are thirsty, you've read the schedule notes and know that Mrs. Smith is celebrating her 50th birthday and make it extra special for her.  You are the keeper of our beautiful sanctuary, and work directly with the spa coordinator to ensure that our facility is in tip-top shape and that our guests experience pure luxury.   The job duties range from assisting the Spa Coordinator and service providers in daily priorities, performing “housekeeping” duties within the facility, and providing assistance/concierge services for clients upon arrival at the spa and throughout their perfect spa day.  This position requires someone who is thoughtful, hardworking, has an excellent memorization skills to explain to guests the benefits of our many services, products, and amenities, and can provide whatever it may take to satisfy our clients.

This position requires someone who is thoughtful, hardworking, and can provide whatever it may take to satisfy our clients.


  • High School Diploma
  • Resume
  • Experience (Preferably in Customer Service/Public Relations/Retail)
  • Outstanding Hygiene/Personal Appearance
  • Excellent work ethic
  • Positive attitude

Please complete the general application below for consideration for this position.  NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE.  If selected for an interview, you must bring a printed copy of your resume, as well as an emailed copy sent to before arriving. We look forward to seeing some smiling faces and adding new members to our family at PürLux.  *** ALL fields below must be completed.  If information is not available or does not apply to you, please enter 'na' or 'not available' into the field.  You will not be able to submit the application if you do not follow the above directions.

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