Body Treatments & Hydrasoak

Your skin is your body's largest organ. Our body treatments at PürLux focus on revitalizing and nourishing the skin and benefiting the muscles and connective tissue below. Schedule the services below a la carte, or choose one of our signature spa rituals for added benefits & ultimate relaxation.

Body Polish

Reveal glowing skin from head to toe with our customized body scrubs. All scrubs are mixed fresh every time, using only pure and natural ingredients customized for your unique needs. After dry brushing the body, mineral rich sea salts blended with your custom combination of oils and herbs are used to exfoliate the skin. Enjoy an aromatherapy shower for added benefits after the scrub massages away dull and dry skin. This treatment concludes with a gentle massaging hydration application, leaving your muscles melted, body glowing and radiant inside out. $115

Body Polish & Wrap

All body wraps begin with a light body polish to stimulate the lymphatic system and slough away the dry skin, opening the pores to receive the benefits of the wrap. Similar to the body polish, body wraps are customizable. We have a variety of clays, herbs, and other ingredients with benefits ranging from detoxifying, anti-inflammatory, hydrating, toning, etc. You’ll be wrapped in a warm cocoon after the custom mixture is painted onto your body, where you’ll relax and enjoy a scalp massage. The treatment is concluded with a gentle massaging hydration application after an aromatherapy shower. $185


The ancient ritual of bathing has been embraced by countless cultures for centuries due it’s physical and psychological health benefits. The gentle glow of the fireplaces in our royal suite sets an ambient and tranquil environment for you to soak your cares away. Feel the stress melt away as you sink into the warm mineral rich waters of our luxurious hydrasoak bath. The healing tonic of herbs, salts, and essential oils will soothe your aching muscles and refresh your spirit. Bathing is an opportunity to nurture yourself, reflect and have a beautiful moment. Rarely are we alone without external influences. This is the perfect time to take advantage of your solitude. This is a time and place to be present and reconnect with yourself. Add a hydrasoak to any massage or body treatment for $55.


Botanical Escape

A truly unique and luxurious spa experience. Designed to soothe the mind, nourish the skin, and repair the body; this spa ritual incorporates organic herbs, sea salt, Himalayan salt, mud, essential oils and other ingredients from Mother Nature's garden. This spa experience begins with dry-brushing the body to gently exfoliate dead skin cells and to prepare the body for an exfoliating scrub made of mineral rich sea salts, essential oils and herbs. After the dead skin is sloughed away, you’ll be painted with a custom herbal mud mask to further detoxify the skin and body. While the clay detoxifies your skin, your therapist will perform a botanical facial with a green clay mask, with a hot and cold stone facial massage. Next, you’ll transition to an aromatherapy shower to rinse off and then directly to the mineral rich hydra soak. Finalizing the treatment, melt into the table with a sixty minute hot stone massage. Take some deep breaths as you enjoy a halotherapy session in our salt room, allowing for a few moments of mental rejuvenation before concluding your day with enjoyment of our steam rooms, saunas, and lounges. $430

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