Give the gift of relaxation this year.

Why a spa gift certificate?

It’s a thoughtful gift that gives people ’permission’ to take care of themselves. Many people go through life caring for others and not thinking of themselves. Although there are many health benefits to receiving massage, facials and other spa services, many people see self care as a luxury and wouldn’t spend the money on it for themselves. Buying a spa gift certificate for them allows them a chance to destress without worrying if they should have spent the money. After you find the gift you would like to purchase, following the link to our online store to purchase. You may also purchase in person at PurLux, or over the phone. Have questions? Read our gift guide at the end for FAQ and helpful suggestions.

Full Day Packages

Thoughtfully curated packages with deep discounts. Your loved one will enjoy a variety of services and have full day access to our amenities including: steam room and saunas, showers, lounges, and robe and towel service.

Options for Group, Businesses & Bulk Purchases - Save Over 50%

As the holiday season approaches, most businesses are beginning to make decisions about gifts for their team members. The gift of health and relaxation is the best gift you can give your employees. Not only will they feel valued and appreciated with the thoughtful gift of self care, but studies show that massage provided by the workplace actually increases productivity, concentration and decreases employee stress. In addition to the options listed below, many companies choose to utilize our party suite to host their holiday gathering or gift exchange. We're happy to quote a spa party for your organization if you’d like to do a team building event this holiday season or in the future. Bulk options are available to ANYONE who wishes to purchase in bulk, you do not have to be a business owner.



The most convenient way to purchase gift cards is online. Explore our website and specials to determine which gift you would like to purchase, then click this link to get to our online store.  With our expansive menu we are not able to list every individual service for sale as a gift certificate, however our most popular services will be listed in addition to any specials and packages. If you do you not see the service listed that you wish to purchase, we recommend that you purchase 'spa bucks' for the amount of the service and let the recipient know you purchased it with the intention for them to have said service/experience.  When you checkout, you can create an account or checkout as a guest. (You can also sign in if you have previously purchased something through mindbody).  You can choose to email the gift certificate directly to the recipient, or choose to email to yourself to print and deliver in person. At this time, you may not purchase retail items online.  

Over The Phone.

We can help you over the phone if you prefer this option.  We're happy to get your gift certificates ready for pick up, or we can email them. 

In Person.

Visit us in person for personalized one on one assitance.  In addition to gift certificates, we carry greeting cards and luxury spa gifts for everyone on your list.  

Spa Bucks. 

Spa bucks are a general gift certificate that can be used for any service or retail item at PurLux.  You can't go wrong with Spa Bucks because you are allowing the recipient the opportunity to purchase the service(s) or items they truly will enjoy.  

Add a physical gift.

Our boutique offers a variety of bath and body products, robes, and luxury lounge wear.  Adding something as simple as a candle to a gift certificate adds a layer of thought and presentation. 

Check back soon as we'll be updating you here with our retail items.