Signature Services

Signature services are services that are unique and special at PürLux.

Herbal Detox: Facial & Body Massage

This two-in-one spa treatment offers the best of both words, providing benefits to your skin as well as your aching muscles. This aromatic treatment smells delicious and feels amazing. Organic and wild harvested herbs from mother nature’s garden are used to soothe your body and spirit. This session includes a lavender infused hydrotherapy treatment and body massage, an herbal aromatherapy facial steam, a green clay & lavender detox face mask, and a hydrating essential oil infused serum paired with a hot and cold stone facial massage. This combo is the the perfect spa treatment for someone who wants to enjoy the benefits of facial/massage and aromatherapy in one treatment.

  • Sixty Minutes

  • Ninety Minutes

  • One Hundred Twenty Minutes



This PürLux signature treatment combines our popular herbal foot treatment with a full body hot stone or hydrotherapy massage for pampering from head to toe. If you are someone who loves herbs and essential oils and attention to your tired feet, this service is for you. Choose your own blend of 100% organic and wild harvested herbs and essential oils, these will be used to mix a custom foot scrub, mask, and paraffin wax foot treatment. Your feet will be wrapped in warm towels infused with essential oils, steamed with herbs, exfoliated with scrub and detox mask, softened with a paraffin wax treatment, and finally massaged with hot stones and essential oil. This service is performed in a private treatment room on a comfortable massage table.

  • Ninety Minutes

  • One Hundred Twenty Minutes


PürLux Signature Fire & Ice Facial

Something goes here to explain service.

  • Coming Soon


Tub and Table

This PürLux signature treatment combines the art of bathing with a relaxing massage before or after your hydrasoak. The ancient ritual of bathing has been embraced by countless cultures for centuries due it’s physical and psychological health benefits. The gentle glow of the fireplaces in our royal suite sets an ambient and tranquil environment for you to soak your cares away. Feel the stress melt away as you sink into the warm, mineral rich waters of our luxurious hydrasoak bath. The healing tonic of herbs, salts, and essential oils will soothe your aching muscles and refresh your spirit. Bathing is an opportunity to nurture yourself, reflect and have a beautiful moment. Rarely are we alone without external influences. This is the perfect time to take advantage of your solitude. This is a time and place to be present and reconnect with yourself.

  • Eighty minutes

  • One hundred ten minutes


Transformational Massage

The East meets the West in this results driven massage, combining the ancient healing techniques of Thailand, with modern Western Neuromuscular techniques. The first ten minutes of the massage include a relaxing heat treatment. Hydrotherapy packs are canvas bags filled with mud, submerged in a stainless steel heating unit to keep them hot. The weight of the bags combined with the moist heat are deeply relaxing, and the benefits from this alone are remarkable. Just ten minutes of the Hydrotherapy is equivalent to thirty minutes of massage. Because the deepest layers of the body have been warmed and prepared for manipulation, this means we can get deeper into the muscle fibers more quickly and without the discomfort. The Thai Yoga Stretching is often a foreign concept to most new clients, but ends up being the part that they enjoy the most. Read more about Thai Yoga Massage below. Thai Yoga Massage is excellent for improving range of motion and increasing flexibility. It's especially good after hydrotherapy and table massage because your muscles will still be in a warm state, allowing for deeper stretching and improvement in overall posture.

  • Ninety Minutes

  • One Hundred Twenty Minutes

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