Signature Services

Signature services are services that are unique and special at PürLux.

Herbal Detox: Facial & Body Massage

This two-in-one spa treatment offers the best of both words, providing benefits to your skin as well as your aching muscles. This aromatic treatment smells delicious and feels amazing. Organic and wild harvested herbs from mother nature’s garden are used to soothe your body and spirit. This session includes a lavender infused hydrotherapy treatment and body massage, an herbal aromatherapy facial steam, a green clay & lavender detox face mask, and a hydrating essential oil infused serum paired with a hot and cold stone facial massage. This combo is the the perfect spa treatment for someone who wants to enjoy the benefits of facial/massage and aromatherapy in one treatment.

  • Sixty Minutes

  • Ninety Minutes

  • One Hundred Twenty Minutes